Genealogy Research

I use the open source Gramps software to build a comprehensive genealogy that tells the story of my family. Gramps includes family trees, life events, GIS, and media archives to store & organize photos and reference materials collected from family members and other resources. I’ve also scanned dozens of pages of typed family history, which I then used Tesseract open-source OCR software to digitize. In the future, I’ll be reaching out to cemeteries, local history organizations, and traceable relatives to continue my research and expand my collection of reference material.

Schuylkill River Rats

Schuylkill River Rats is a multidimensional project aiming to build community in the urban and post-urban areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Northern Delaware. It identifies, elevates, and celebrates unique social and cultural features of the area to counter prevailing, unfavorable narratives about the region.

painted-over gray stikman

The mission of the River Rats project is to provide a resource that collects & distributes art, history, and other media drawn from the streets and underground scenes in Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Northern Delaware. It displays the crafts & stories of this region as a form of folk art unique to the urbanized east coast of the United States.

gloved hand brushing dirt off of a mosaic rose embedded in a retaining wall